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Why not pop by now and say hello, we have put the kettle on and Misty has baked a nice cake!
Scot on 5.3.07 12:08

Hair Today, Gone Tomorow?

Ok so this is a shameless plea for you to sponsor Alpin to get rid of the dreads, but it is for a VERY good cause.

At the 24-7 prayer ILG in 2005 Markus was the victim of a very nasty haircut, he was awarded over 1000 euros in compensation which went to Alek, Alpin and the Glasnost community in Skopje Macedonia.

They say what goes around comes around...
Alpin was struck by the testimony of a girl on the Stop the Traffik website, this girl was so impacted by the stories that she had all her beautiful hair chopped to raise money for the charity. Alpin has been convinced that this is a good idea.


Alpin has had his dreads for over 2 years and loves them very much but is prepared to part with them if we can raise a substantial sum for his chosen charity.
We are supporting the StT campaign here in Skopje and will be pulling out all the stops for freedom day, however as much as Alpin loves the fantastic work done by organisations such as StT, he would prefer to give relationally and so all money raised will be passed on to
Kelly in Boystown, The women that Kelly works with may not be slaves but they certainly aren't free either.  

So there it is; if we can raise a minimum of 1000 Euros Alpins dreads will be chopped off and the money sent to a very worthy cause.
Raising large sums of money in Macedonia isn't easy, they are a generous people and give from what they have which often isn't much. So we are appealing to our wider network of friends and family to help make this happen. Please consider sponsoring Alpin, if your donation is high enough you may even get a 'dread' to use at home, maybe as a doorbell pull or toilet chain you could even use one as a huge book mark for a great big bible... ok now i'm getting silly! but please do sponsor Alpin. 

Money can now be paid through our paypal account (mork.mindy@lineone.net) just go to paypal.com and follow the instructions to send money.


Many thanks and lots of love to you all.


Scot on 5.3.07 10:28

Solar Panels and Lunar Nonsense

Have you seen that cartoon picture with the bald guy? He says something like I'm my heads not bald its a solar panel for my love machine. Its not very funny.  

But I think I may be solar powered. the last few days have been bright and warm. I have loved sitting on our balcony reading some good books, having a pray and being warmed by the sun. It feels like SO long since the summer. most of the time i just enjoyed the heat on my face closing my eyes to the sun, smiling and breathing deeply. Bliss. I feel energized, i am happier than i have been in ages and am really looking forward to this year.

So whats with this lunar eclipse nonsense? Dejan and I met up with the guys after their band practice last night and hung around for hours in the courtyard of the Orthodox church, supping Bulgarian beer (not a patch on Skopsko) and eating peanut flavoured wotsits (?!?). Apparently the moon was supposed to be turning red... so we sat and chatted... and sat... and sat. the moon disappeared then turned an ugly grey colour. Most disappointing.

Scot on 4.3.07 17:50


Today is the first time in 2 weeks i have sat down at the computer for more than 5 minutes... It feels good! I have so much to write...

My mum and Ian came over for a week and we took them to visit beautiful Ohrid, everytime i visit that place my heart feels lifted. we continue to talk and pray about a boiler room there, we also had an Indian take away(!!)...

Every 3 months we have to leave the country for visa reasons and so this week we went with some good friends to Greece. Beautiful weather (at least for 1 day in 3) Great company (we were hosted by Tommie and Gunnila Naumann). Stupid train journeys, 3.5 hours late on the way there and about an hour early on the way back (go figure). Special thanks to hero of the hour Ian who physically held the train up (well not exactly he's neither a strong man nor a bandit) to give the rest of us the extra minute we needed to run from baggage collection to the platform...

The weather. whats going on? trees are blossoming and the flowers are coming out. yestarday i sat on the balcony reading in my t-shirt and shorts. today the weather forecast gives a max of 16 and an overnight low of -6...

we are busy, getting the van fixed, helping with preperation for our Stop the Traffik event, helping the guys here start a small business in promo merchandise (screen printing and badge making). And planning for our post May journey.       

Our little break is now over and we return to 'normality'. A hundred apologies to everyone who has emailed in the last couple of weeks, we do love you really

Scot on 2.3.07 11:16

Throwing money around

Tonight I went to the opening of a shop in the main shopping precinct in Skopje. Not the new Nike shop, but a small second-hand clothes shop run by some people from the church. There were loads of people there, drinking whisky or fanta, eating crisps and cakes, talking (of course, this is Macedonia) and sometimes looking at the clothes. It's great when a new enterprise like this starts here as jobs are so scarce and especially when it involves good friends.

I was also introduced to another Macedonian tradition tonight - while rummaging through the clothes I heard someone drop lots of coins on the floor. But it wasn't an accident, or some clumsy person paying for their shopping, as I was told, they do it whenever someone starts a new enterprise like this. When I looked around I discovered there was actually quite alot of money all over the floor! I realise that this probably started from a superstition, but even so, what a great way to bless a new business starting out, by physically throwing money at it!

Misty on 23.2.07 19:41

Global Day of Prayer 2007 - Skopje

This week I had the rather weird experience of being invited to a cross-church pastors meeting to talk about 24-7 prayer. In my previous life I was well used to presenting ideas to senior directors and stiff looking men in drab suits, I think I was rather good at it, I usually managed to get a laugh or 2 and everyone thanked me at the end which is usually a good sign. However I must say I have really enjoyed not doing it. There’s far too much of ‘I hope they like me’ or trying to work out how to add in a joke without offending ,generally its self promotion and I have worked very hard at self denial (I’m not good at it but I do try hard!)

So Wednesday morning I put a shirt on for the first time in a year (except for one wedding), its not that I was super paranoid but thought the shirt would balance out the piercings and the rest of my general scruffyness. The meeting kicked off early (pre coffee early), it was like going to one of those pastors breakfast meetings but without the breakfast.

We worshipped a bit and I got a loose translation of the Global Day of Prayer plan from Alpin. Alpins translation especially before coffee contains lots of ‘blah, blah, blah’ but nether the less I was getting pretty excited by the passion flowing from these leaders and their honest desire and commitment to see the prayers released here in Macedonia. As clips were shown of stadium sized prayer meetings in places like Pakistan, Hong Kong and South Africa it dawned on me that the church here is a persecuted church, they have to battle their way forward, every step is a fight. A fight against the Orthodox, against superstition and tradition against ignorance and the remnants of a communist state.  Seriously! There are churches here that have been forced to shut down because the local town thought they were sacrificing children. In the south a friend told me how a member of the church had suffered when she came to Christ, the ladies husband died and she was refused permission by the local leaders to bury the body (this was a muslim area) becoming desperate she went to the Orthodox church who also refused. Finally she went back to the muslim leaders and was eventually allowed to bury her husband just outside the graveyard. The lady was eventually driven from the village after her windows were broken.

I couldn’t believe how open these protestant church leaders were to the idea of 24-7 prayer. I remember coming back years ago from the Cultural Shift gig and having to let the other Kings Arms leaders know I’d just signed up our tiny church up to a week of unbroken prayer (gulp). And yet these guys were all up for it! One pastor shared a vision he’d had years ago for a non-stop prayer room for Skopje, which amazingly affirms a vision Dejan shared with Glasnost a few weeks ago!

The end result of the meeting is that we have a heap of churches (6 or so?) committing to pray together for 10 days non-stop, stage a big prayer meeting at the end of the time and then get out and work together to bless the community. Oh and it looks like Alpin managed to convince a nice American to sponsor the translation of Red Moon Rising into Macedonian.

Cool huh?
Scot on 15.2.07 18:49

Summer Fun

We would love some company this summer both on the road and at our German destination. the 24-7 Mission website now has some details of how you can join us, click here for details.
there are still a few places left on the easter mission trip to Skopje organised by the Guildford Boiler Room. click here for details.   
Scot on 8.2.07 13:12

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